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eye4growth is a consulting company focused on client growth. Together, we deliver growth through sales and marketing excellence and by building amazing revenue engines.

As the CEO and leader of eye4growth, I bring several decades of business leadership experience in general management roles as well as C-Suite presence. I have led, as the Chief Marketing Officer, pre-revenue start-ups, small businesses under $10MM, companies looking to grow from $25MM to $100MM+, and companies with revenues north of $250MM looking to get to the $1B threshold. I have worked in privately held, venture capital backed and private equity sponsored companies as well as large publicly traded ones. In other words, companies like yours.

My bias is business first with specialization in marketing. I am outside-in and grounded in voice of the customer expertise. This foundation provides a market / client first orientation that drives understanding, connections and insights which create breakthrough plans and achievements. The teams I have led have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of pipeline and closed won deals above plans and expectations. I know and believe that business outcomes matter more than vanity metrics. 

I love being outdoors, hate sitting still, and have been known to crack a joke, self-deprecate, and drop the occasional F-bomb. Which is to say I’m human and like to work with others who work that way too. All of the pictures on this site were taken by a member of my family or me. Authenticity matters.

If you are interested, more on my background can be seen here 

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